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Atrium Art is initiative to showcase world-class artwork in unique setting inside the historic First Presbyterian Church of Tulsa. Over the past few years, each new display has inspired and challenged viewers to engage with aesthetics, faith, and spirituality in new ways. Art is important part of church ministry, and the exhibits are free and open to public.

“Calling of Lazarus”

Distinguished Irish artist and sculptor Ross Wilson, has recently opened new exhibition, “The Calling of Lazarus,” that First Presbyterian Church of Tulsa. These portraits are symbolic of 60 seconds that would have framed the miracle call of Jesus, which consisted only of name and two words: “Lazarus, come out.” Wilson says the portraits show Lazarus at point of animation, resurrection, and at moment hears to voice of life, the voice of friend Jesus.

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“Jesus Christ unlocked the doors of death for his friend Lazarus by calling him into life, a call that Jesus Christ still makes today through his gospel, calling souls from the darkness of death and sin into the sweet, sweet liberty of grace, life, and salvation.”

Ross Wilson

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