Discovering Grace Reflected

Grace Reflected featured local photographer Paul McEntire’s personal selections from work in Tanzania, Romania, Ecuador, and Cambodia. These stunning images were displayed on the walls around Miller Library beginning Sunday, October 2, 2016.

Each image in this collection had at least two other images that reflected a similar theme, activity, or color palette. The exhibit was designed to explore the common threads interwoven through daily life around the world. Even images that revive memories of intense struggle and pain can reveal the gift of God’s grace . . . His ability to “bend” any circumstance to the good.

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About the Artist

Paul McEntire is a member of First Presbyterian Church and a professional photographer who calls both Tulsa, Oklahoma and Beius, Romania home.

His passion for storytelling through photography has given him the opportunity to create images for several Christian ministries, and he has traveled extensively across the globe to tell the stories of children in crisis. It is his hope that together, by working with organizations who are bringing to light the plight of AIDS orphans, abandoned children, impoverished families, and human trafficking, we can raise support and awareness for these kids caught in unthinkable situations.